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Packed Lunch Tip and Pasta Recipe


I just finished terrorizing my kitchen to make this extremely delicious pasta dish.

Ingredients: Whole wheat pasta, mushrooms, corn, green peppers, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

Ratios: I like to make or buy meals that have 1:2 (pasta to vegetable) ratio. That way you’re not robbing your body completely of carbs.  I kinda loaded it with the balsamic vinegar, giving it a distinctive yummiful taste.

Presentation: I chose to cut the mushrooms and green peppers to the size of corn kernels. Visually there’s a nice contrast between the yellows of the corn and the green of the peppers. Plus you can get a lot in a fork or spoonful!

Tips: With this kind of dish you can make it in large quantities, divvy it up into separate containers, fridge it, and grab-and-go when you wake up 30minutes late for something like I tend to do.  Another plus, this meal is versatile-meaning, you can eat it hot or cold! yay!

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