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The Cutting Board

Two Coasts, Two Chefs

Ingredients: Bok choy + Olive oil + Tofu

For the sauce: Peanut sauce, Brown sugar, A squeeze of lemon juice, Pureed Garlic, Soy sauce

1. wash & chop bok choy.  I just recently bought a food processor which chopped the bok choy into small diced pieces.  Diced pieces aren’t exactly traditional, but the end-product looked nice and tasted swell.  Also, food processors are huge time savers for vegetarian college students.

2.  add ingredients for sauce in a bowl and mix until brown sugar is mostly dissolved.

3. use wok or frying pan on high heat.  add olive oil.  once heated, lower heat, add chopped bok choy. leave there for a few minutes until the green leaves of the bok choy wilt a bit.

4.  add the sauce gradually.  mix the sauce and let the bok choy “soak” in the sauce.

5. turn off the stove and top the bok choy over rice, pasta, etc.

Personalizing it:

Although rice is the traditional route, I was pressed for time and hungry.  I had some leftover pasta, so rather than taking out the rice cooker and going down that road, I decided to layer the bok choy + sauce on top of my whole wheat penne pasta.  I don’t discriminate between ethnic cuisines.  Mix it up!

I also included two basil leaves because I recently bought a basil plant and I love basil.  You can add meat, but I’m vegetarian so I went with tofu!


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