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The Cutting Board

Two Coasts, Two Chefs

By some stretch of the imagination—though not too far—this could be called a quiche. But I’m pretty sure quiches are baked, not pan-fried.

Basically, I got bored of straight omelettes and always have a ready supply of potatoes. I combined spinach, carmelized onions, button mushrooms and smoked gouda for the makings of an epic omelette. But first, I send a potato through a cheese grater (on the medium shred), send a liberal amount of olive oil to heat up in a small boiling pot, and after the pot’s been sufficiently heated, I layer the bottom of the pan with the potato shreds like hash browns. Then I send the omelette mixture on top of the potato crust.

Notes for next time: Ease up on the oil. I’m pretty liberal with olive oil—just ’cause it’s so taaastayyyy. But, as I’ve found, there is such a thing as too much olive oil, and my first attempt at this was just that.


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